What's New in Tarantula ?
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Features that were added in Tarantula 1.98

  • Automatic 'Rollover' images support.
  • CSS Positioning support
  • Selectable CSS/IE4-only HTML generation mode
  • Support for script in the <HEAD> section.
  • Complete MAPI support for mailing messages, THD, HTM, images etc.
  • Powerful multiple-directory handling in project manager.
  • CSE HTML Validator automatically integrats into Tarantula menus.
  • Enhanced interface + keyboard support for moving/sizing areas.
  • Keyboard support for sizing images, toggle snap to grid
  • Text editor for modifying text to be converted to image.
  • Support for browser-safe colors in color dialog-box.
  • 'Align to grid' option for single/multiple areas.
  • Links support in custom HTML areas

Features that were enhanced in Tarantula 1.98

  • Improved form-attributes handling
  • Improved ftp project upload.
  • Improved project inspector and related items
  • Improved HTML engine.
  • Improved Product Upgrade Information Client.
  • Site-upload details are now remembered by the project.
  • 'Convert to lowercase' option while uploading files.
  • Transfer speed is now displayed for 33.6 Kbps modems also.
Bugs fixed in Tarantula 1.98

  • Page layout bugs which sometimes caused 'partial' areas in MSIE
  • Text-formatting tag's nesting errors.
  • Design window going off the screen at bottom on loading page.
  • Some overlapping 'window' problems in project manager.
  • Encoding of <TITLE> tag contents.
  • Fixed bug with cloning form elements.
  • Fixed bugs in Ordered list generation.
  • Formatting bugs in Automatic Site Indexer.
  • Fixed bugs in project upload.
  • Fixed bugs in 'Client Pull'.
  • Fixed bugs in 'HLS' section of color selection box.
  • Display of grid dots.